Fernandez Design Group
Fernandez Design Group

We specialize in 3D modeling and Photorealistic rendering to help you visualize what your future project will be like before anything is built. All our work is to scale and following pertinent standards and codes. We take in consideration the surrounding areas and the use of the product to ensure that the final product will actually work, fit and be ergonomically acceptable. Through animation and the use of Avatars we can ensure that the final layout will be free of interferences and areas can be accessed with ease both for entering and exiting.

Through our manufacturing facility we can do quick prototypes to prove out new or custom products, eliminating the high cost of building a final product that ends up being rejected or having to go through major alterations to make it work.

We can work from 2D drawings, hand sketches, doodles or simply just a though or idea and make it visually 3 dimensional ensuring that it will be a realistic working article when it’s done.

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